a HUGE update!

 Well it has been a long time! I have been going through a LOT of style, make, and hair changes! So we will begin at the beginning, which is allll the way back in May! -_-

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I'm looking for new friends, so add me if you like! And of course concrit is welcome.
Thanks for looking~

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♥ Poupée Girl! ♥

Here's my Poupée!

It is covered by the top, but those pants have another bow at the top of them right in the center.  They are so cute!! I really want some like that irl >.<

My name on Poupée Girl is リンリン, so you can add me if you want~


An Online Closet

Does anyone else here use Poupee Girl? It is so cute!

For those of you that don't know what it is, it is a Japanese site where you can create a cute avatar, and post pictures from your actual closet for others to comment on and 'suteki'. You can not only post clothes, but other things like nails, cell phone charms, etc. It is really fun and addicting. This is my poupee, although my closet is a little bare right now since I lost my camera. T_T

I think this site could be really fun to help give eachother coordinate advice! So if you don't have an account, GO MAKE ONE. And friend my poupee! <3 And If you do have one, post a pic, I wanna see~

For All Your Purikura NEEDS!!!

Totally bummed out that your local mall doesn't have a fabulous Purikura machine to take amazing Gal pics of you and your friends??

Puricute.com you can decorate you very won pics with stickers and frames!!!  But be WARNED its ADDICTING!!! 

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SO GO!!! Upload your fav Gal pics and go nuts!!!  Join and make new friends who love the CUTE as much as you do.....AND ADD ME!!!! Peachsodapixie! &hearts;
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Recent Nonsensery

 A few Wednesdays ago I went out to eat with a friend during the day and then went to the club during the evening.  So, as usual, I spent the better part of my day--and a few days before that--trying to figure out what to wear.  

I was running late and didn't have time to make my legs lovely for lunch, so I decided on a more casual look with dull colors.


Then I got home and had to figure out what to wear to the club.

The pair that started it all.

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Name: Grimmy
Age: 22 [05.19.88]
Gender: Female
Location: Huntsville, AL
Favorite Style: Baika, Fairy kei
Influences: Romihi and Kanako [EGG models], Kumicky [Popteen model], Natsumi [shop staff?]
Component: Tops and vests
Statement: Je veux faire nouveaux amis! I hope to meet many new fashionable friends! And even the not so fashionable - I love to give makeovers! I am REALLY looking forward to future meets and SHOPPING~
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*nous serons grands amis*