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Recent Nonsensery

 A few Wednesdays ago I went out to eat with a friend during the day and then went to the club during the evening.  So, as usual, I spent the better part of my day--and a few days before that--trying to figure out what to wear.  

I was running late and didn't have time to make my legs lovely for lunch, so I decided on a more casual look with dull colors.


Then I got home and had to figure out what to wear to the club.

The pair that started it all.

As in most situations, I began the planning of my outfit by selecting which shoes I wanted to wear.  I've been trying to wear the red plaid babies for some time now, but I just don't have anything in my wardrobe anymore that goes well enough with them or that looks good enough on.  The black and whites I had already worn a few times recently, but they seemed a bit more versatile.  But, I hadn't given up yet--I decided to try a few things.

  Race Queen Goes to the Drag Show

Reject Outfit Goes to No Show  

The second outfit was done mostly for palette change purposes that I noticed after laying out the possibilities.  I was also a bit curious about the top, as I've had it for a few years and haven't worn it yet. I really didn't like the second outfit at all, but ohwell~

Let's Compare!

A matching pursibility!

I ended up going with neither option and, thus, wearing neither pair of shoes.  Which turned out to be just fine, because I got to wear a pair of boots that had been on my to-wear list as well.  Then, after thinking about the boots I would be wearing and the outfit that fell into place, I realized that the culprit for the formation of this outfit was not the shoes I was wanting to wear, but the purse that I had already been using earlier that day!


A surprisingly nice outfit came together and ended up being way more gal than my first two trainwrecks [which weren't actually intended to be gal in the first place].  

Me and a peek at my messy house!


Who's ready to go to the club? This guy.

Working on how to take pictures with my tongue out and still look cute. I still have a ways to go~

Somebody wasn't tired of posing yet.

What else was cool?

One of the trannies drag queens was wearing the same boots that I have. And let me tell you, s/he was not lying about these babies being notsoeasy to walk in. :c

All in all, I had much more fun than I thought I would, and I was super pleased with my outfit :D! Even though my eyes were parched from the cigarette smoke, my ears were ringing from the loud music, and some woman burned a hole in the back of my shirt with her cigarette, it was all good!



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