grimmy_grahams (grimmy_grahams) wrote in garconcircle,

An Online Closet

Does anyone else here use Poupee Girl? It is so cute!

For those of you that don't know what it is, it is a Japanese site where you can create a cute avatar, and post pictures from your actual closet for others to comment on and 'suteki'. You can not only post clothes, but other things like nails, cell phone charms, etc. It is really fun and addicting. This is my poupee, although my closet is a little bare right now since I lost my camera. T_T

I think this site could be really fun to help give eachother coordinate advice! So if you don't have an account, GO MAKE ONE. And friend my poupee! <3 And If you do have one, post a pic, I wanna see~
Tags: poupée girl
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