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♥ intro post ♥

Hello everyone!  I'd like to introduce myself ~

Name:  Rin
Age:  22 [12.23.87]
Gender:  Female
Location:  Huntsville, AL, USA
Favourite Style:  Oshare-kei!
Influences:  Kawabata Kanako [EGG model], Hyper Techno Fairy [techpara team], a lot of Korean fashion
Statement:  I'm very excited about Garçon, and I hope everyone else is, too!  I think that we'll all have a ton of fun here getting to know eachother, sharing photos, stories and tips, and just goofing off however we see fit!  Even though I'm interested in many different types of fashion, I can't seem to ignore the fun that surrounds the culture of gal fashion.  I'm definitely not a perfect gal--and I don't even really try to be--but the fashion and lifestyle shines through at least a bit in everything I do.  I tend to be bad with posting pictures and blogs regularly, but hopefully this community will help me a lot with that.   ♥

I'm very excited to meet everyone, and I hope we can become great friends! 

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