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Gal Circle

Garçon Gal Circle
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All Members , Moderated
This is the LiveJournal community dedicated to the South East's up and coming gal circle Garçon.

     Garçon is a gal circle that has been stirring in northern Alabama for quite a few years. While the gal fashion and lifestyle is something that we all know and love, the founding members of Garçon have numerous and varying interests. With this in mind, they set out to create a community that brings together those with an interest in the world of gal, but without stiff and stifling rules. Garçon does, of course, still have some rules, but ultimately aims to establish a fun and fabulous atmosphere in which the members do not have to worry about being under fire of continuous criticism or chastisement. Gal fashion is definitely the focus of the community, but Garçon encourages members to try out new styles or bring non-standard gal elements into their fashion whenever they like.

     While the founding members are still heavily engaged in school and work, Garçon hopes to begin community activities and outings soon after the group gets off the ground. We are centered in the Huntsville area of Alabama, but invite guys and gals from absolutely anywhere to join us online. In addition to the organized events we will hold here in town, we will also have various challenges, themes for posting and games here on our LiveJournal community.

     Please see the rules below before joining and posting. The details are a bit wordy, but you can get the general idea from the bolded first sentence of each. [You’ll still be held responsible for understanding and abiding by the full content of the rules, though ♥]

Rules for Membership

None! Well, okay, maybe a few guidelines. We hope that those who wish to become members have at least some interest in the gal fashion and lifestyle. We do not at all require that you are veterans or seasoned pros. We welcome with open arms those who consider themselves beginners or novices in the fashion, as well as those who have primary interests in different fashion styles.

Rules for Posting

1. Members are required to submit an introductory post. Your intro post is required before you will be allowed to submit entries of any other kind. But don’t sweat it! This is just because we want to get an idea of who you are first. Also, please tag your introductory post "intro." Introductory posts should include the following information:

  Name: This can be a nickname or whatever you would like for us to call you.

  Age: It’s alright if you don’t want to give your actual age, but we’d at least like a general idea. [If you post your birthday, you might get a little something special whenever it comes around]

  Gender: Best to just tell us flat out. We don’t want to make any mistakes later D:

  Location: City, State/Province, Country [all or any combination of those]

  Favourite Style: What is your favourite style of fashion? It’s fine if it’s not a gal style.

  Influences: Who or what influences your style most? Model, Magazine, Musician, Show

  Component: What’s your favourite fashion component? Tops, Skirts, Bags, Shoes?

  Statement: Make an introductory statement!

Please, please include at least one picture, but a handful would be even better to help summarize your style.

It’s not as tough as it looks! Here’s an example.

2. Posts should have something to do with the gal fashion or lifestyle. Not every post has to be a photo shoot, but please don’t post to the community random bits such as “Today in class this girl farted and it was HILARIOUS.” Even if it was hilarious, it’s a bit irrelevant here. Please just use your best judgment when picking things about which to post. We trust you.

3. Photos are encouraged, but not required. [Mostly because Rin hates to read.] We love to see all of the pictures that you want to show us [please see rule about appropriate content], but we understand if you don’t always have photographic proof of your fabulousness. Even if you’re posting a mostly text entry about something you saw or did, we’d love to see at least one picture at the beginning or end of the post, but if not, that’s quite alright.

4. Large numbers of images should be placed behind a cut. Of course we love pictures [as I keep saying], but everyone might not love having their friend’s page flooded with them. So please do not exceed four pictures without using a lj cut. If you post only four images, no problems. If you post 25 pictures, it’s fine to display four of them out in the open if you want, but 5 – 25 need to go behind a cut.

5. No explicit content allowed. Garçon’s online community is for participants of all ages, so we do not want to see any naughty bits here. If you think your submission might be considered questionable or “18+”, then don’t submit it. Since this is primarily a fashion community, we know that the lines for appropriateness can sometimes seem blurred, so we’re not going to deny submissions just because they include bathing suits or certain types of sleepwear, but we definitely do not want to see content that could be deemed sexual, violent, or otherwise explicit. Please also keep profanity to a minimum. We won’t have a fit over “damn,” “hell” is a bad place not a bad word, and everyone makes an “ass” of themselves every once in a while, but we don’t foresee any need to go on ranting and raving using much more than that. While all posts are screened before being approved, we want to set these rules forth to avoid wasting your time or ours on submissions with a high chance of being denied. Submissions are approved at our [the maintainers’] discretion, and if a particular user continuously submits what we believe to be distasteful material, they will be subject to the penalties listed below.

6. Be polite and courteous. We’re here to make friends, not enemies. We will not tolerate any trolling or unwarranted chastisements and criticisms. Every member is reserved the right to request or allow constructive criticisms on each post they submit [and is encouraged to state if they are indeed looking for con.crit], but is also protected from unwanted attack. Comments that are considered unnecessarily rude, mean, or hateful will be deleted. If these comments appear in excess from a particular member, that member will receive warning, then may become subject to the below penalties. If you for some reason have or develop a personal vendetta against another member, you will need to settle it somewhere other than here.

Failure to abide by or violation of any of the aforementioned rules could result in suspension of posting privileges or ban from the community.